Time / Date / Chronograph

To Set the Time / Date / Day

  1. Unscrew the knob from the case until it spins freely, this is the A position.
  2. Pull the knob out to the middle B position.
  3. Rotate the knob to set the date indicator.
  4. Pull the knob out the to the C position.
  5. Rotate the knob to set the time.
  6. Advance the time 24 hours to advance the day indicator 1 day.
  7. Push the knob to the A position. While pushing the knob towards the case, screw the knob back into place until it is snug.
  8. (Be careful not to push button 1 or 2 while adjusting the time/day/date!)

To Use the Chronograph

  1. Push Button 1 to start / stop the chronograph.
  2. Pushing Button 2 while the chronograph is running will stop the chronograph second hand, but will not stop the chronograph from continue to keep time. Pushing button 2 again will advance the second hand to the current chronograph time.
  3. After stopping the chronograph with button 1, push button 2 to reset the chronograph.
limu 500 watch

Care and Maintenance

Make sure the knob is always returned to the locked position (screwed in snugly) before the watch is exposed to any water or humidity. Do not push the buttons or turn the knob while the watch is wet. Do not wear the watch in Hot Tubs or Saunas. Doing so will ruin the seals. With normal wear and tear, the seals will deteriorate and crack after approximately 3 years. In order to help keep the watch waterproof we recommend it be serviced by a high end jewelry shop where they can replace the watch seals for you.
Enjoy your Watch!