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The Power of Fucoidan
Harnessed by LIMU.

Great companies are supported by amazing products, and so it is with LIMU. Searching for a unique product, Gary discovered a tradition in the Islands of Tonga that stretched back thousands of years: Tongan natives regularly harvested limu moui, a particular type of natural seaweed containing Fucoidan, a supernutrient that would prove to have scientifically proven health benefits. And it is Fucoidan that powers every LIMU product.

What is Fucoidan


The secret behind LIMU’s health benefits is elegant and simple: Fucoidan. Deep in the far-off, pristine islands of Tonga is a unique and exquisite seaweed called limu moui. Using a proprietary extraction process, we harvest Fucoidan: a sulfated polysaccharide and complex carbohydrate found only in the cell walls of this seaweed.


It’s the supernutrient of success that defines LIMU, high in anti-inflammatory and anti-viral nutrients. Our company is not just the LIMU category creator, but the unquestioned market dominator. Over 1,000 independent third-party unsolicited studies citing Fucoidan have been published, all of which are listed on our nation’s standard: the National Institute of Health on That is incredible science, and remarkable credibility.

original limu

Limu Original®
Classic never tasted so fresh.

LIMU ORIGINAL® is our timeless flagship product that spearheads the entire LIMU product line with a definitive and unmistakable freshness. With no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors, LIMU ORIGINAL is the best-selling Fucoidan-enriched nutritional supplement on the market.

Limu Original ®
The Health Benefits of LIMU ORIGINAL

It’s much more than a drink — with a potent blend of vitamins and nutrients essential to your well-being, LIMU ORIGINAL is an essential superfood packed with 83% pure Tongan limu moui.

  • Gluten free.
  • No added sugar.
  • No artificial colors.
  • No artificial sweeteners.
  • No added flavors.
  • 7 calories per serving.

LIMU Shot Rip, Sip, Enjoy.

Think “LIMU Fun-Size” — only by “fun”, we mean “kick you in the teeth with a power-packed dose of LIMU ORIGINAL.” This convenient 2-oz nutrient serving comes in disposable, tear-open packaging so you never have to put your life on hold while recharging your body.

Carry-on-friendly and with enough LIMU to deliver the rich benefits of Fucoidan, the LIMU Shot is your quick getaway — anytime, anywhere.


Our LIMU ENERGY line is the “get up and go” that won’t let you down. So why waste time with sugar-loaded energy drinks that leave you feeling bottomed-out and bleary-eyed? Don’t settle for less — grab the wildly healthy LIMU ENERGY drink your body craves and the nutrition boost your body deserves. So get ready to run, shoot hoops, jumpstart your morning, power through those endless meetings, make it to five o’clock, and still have enough pep to carry you through ‘til your head hits the pillow.


The newest addition to the LIMU ENERGY line will kick your system into overdrive with 50% more energy, keeping you sharp, alert and focused with sustained, feel-good energy for all-day action. And with fewer calories and less sugar, BLU FROG 2 is premium liquid nutrition with a delicious natural tropical flavor.

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Enjoy your day as it was meant to be enjoyed: containing a host of naturally power-packed fruits and added B vitamins, BLU FROG tastes fantastic and keeps you sharp and focused without the crash of other energy drinks. Power through the workload and crush those extra projects. No matter your adventure, the Fucoidan-enriched BLU FROG formula pushes your performance, endurance, and concentration to the next level.

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lean limu

Limu Lean®
Lose Weight, Stay Fit, Feel Great.

March proudly into your class reunion. Rock that new swimsuit. Look happily in that full-length mirror. Get back to that perfect you.

It’s about looking at yourself with confidence and pride. Whether you’re starting from scratch or reestablishing that fitness, with LIMU LEAN as your anchor, you’ll reach peak physique in no time. Powered by the health-enhancing supernutrient Fucoidan, LIMU LEAN is the premium fitness and weight management system.

So end your workout right… with LIMU LEAN.

Limu Lean®

Containing five different sources of the highest grade of protein on the market, LIMU LEAN Meal Replacement Shakes are 225 calories of powerful, balanced nutrition in two delicious flavors: Creamy Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate.With all of the essential fatty acids you need, you can burn body fat and increase your lean tissue by making LIMU LEAN shakes a regular part of your workout fitness program.

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Limu Lean®
appetite controller.

The greatest challenge to improving healthy eating and losing weight is curbing those hunger pangs between meals. Adding the LIMU LEAN Appetite Controller to your daily fluid intake reduces diet fatigue and encourages a more efficient digestive system.

Improve your endurance and support healthy blood sugar levels with the Appetite Controller!

Limu Lean®

Health cleanses don’t have to be painful. Eliminate the cramping, bloating, laxative-driven approach and treat your body to the gentle and efficient cleansing power of the LIMU LEAN Digestive Health Cleanse. Our Digestive Health Cleanse optimizes your digestive system and helps you feel better every day as part of a monthly tune-up for the world’s finest precision instrument: you.

Limu Lean®
Health Benefits

We’re serious about your health, your fitness and your weight — you should be, too. So we’ve enclosed nutritional information and FAQs about LIMU LEAN to help you create your new and improved fitness plan.

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