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Seas the day.
There is no time like the present.

A partnership with LIMU means plugging into our branding expertise, our proven success systems, our international footprint and mobile strategy and begin tapping into the millions of dollars we’ve invested into the business infrastructure.

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Starting your own business has never been more rewarding: LIMU’s dynamic Unilevel Prosperity Plan pays you 5 times a month with 13 ways to earn and 6 weeks each month to qualify! Our Promoters get paid to party and receive huge cash bonuses on top of their generous commissions! Whoever parties the most, wins!




You’ve always envisioned yourself in a head-turner on the highway and we’ve made it easy to make that dream a reality. Sit back in your new black BMW paid-for by LIMU — because our Promoters deserve pro motors. Becoming a member of the LIMU BMW CLUB is instant street cred for your LIMU biz!




After earning your free BMW, celebrate each hard-earned passing pin rank with paid-for Caribbean cruises and exotic getaways to luxurious destinations like Cozumel, Hawaii and the world-famous Atlantis Resort! Dust off that luggage, and get ready to take on the world! We do it right, creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences! 




LIMU invests in YOU! We put the traditional advertising budget in your pocket. Our cutting-edge corporate team produces award-winning training videos, social content and digital tools — including your own website and mobile app — to help explode your business! Consider us your 24/7 brand partners in success.



Make your own luck — LIMU is the only company in the world that pays you 5 times a month, with 13 different ways to earn and 6 weeks each month to qualify. We’ve eliminated all the costs of running a traditional business and reinvented the oldest, most-effective business asset: you. LIMU’s cutting-edge business model puts the advertising budget in your pocket. It’s real, word-of-mouth advertising and we’re hardwired for it. When you do something as natural as share results-based stories of products you believe in, you’re able to create success — organically.

    • Customer Commissions
    • 3-for-Free Product
    • Fast Track Bonus
    • 2K VIP Bonus
    • First Order Bonus
    • LIMU BMW CLUB Bonus
    • Cash Bonuses
    • Leader Development Bonus
    • Leader Pools
    • All-Access Bonus
    • Reward Trips
    • Level Bonus

#13 Introducing the

Lifetime Cash Bonus

LIMU Prosperity Plan – English PDF Plan de Prosperidad de LIMU – Español PDF
LIMU Prosperity Plan Video Overview



It’s simple: when you share LIMU with 3 Customers and they purchase any of our products, you’re eligible to receive your next month’s AutoShip order for FREE.

You heard right. Premium nutritional products at a free-mium price. And be honest, who doesn’t like free?!


Our Promoters Drive Pro Motors.

What drives you? LIMU prides itself on speeding Promoters toward success — that means a paid-for black BMW of your choice! As you climb the ranks like a rockstar, you’ll be able to hit the pavement with a  shiny, new LIMU-branded set of wheels. We’re all about giving you outward, visible signs of success — conversation starters … to make growing your business easy.

Set Sail.

Own the night.


Let's Roll.

Hit the open road.

  • Most people my age find it pretty inspiring to be 25 and driving a $90,000 dream car. The LIMU BMW CLUB has attracted the attention of the naysayers and brought in much more new business! – Rashaan Reid, 20K

  • My brother didn’t want to hear about LIMU until I pulled up in his yard and cut a donut in my shiny new BMW! Then he said, ‘Why don’t you come inside and tell me more?’ –Kresha Matkin, 50K

  • The LIMU BMW CLUB gave us a way to drive our business. It’s a tangible result — a trophy people can see as proof that this works! –Erica Phillips, 200K

  • The LIMU BMW CLUB put my business on the map. It’s a physical visual aid that really turns heads. It’s like pouring jet fuel into your business! – Quarvay Winbush, 200K

  • Who can say it doesn’t work when you pull up in a paid-for LIMU Beemer?! It exploded my business! – Salien Liles, 750K

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Welcome to the LIMU BMW CLUB.

These are the young at heart, the entrepreneurs of LIMU Nation racing through the pin ranks.

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Williams_RichardApril

    Richard & April Williams

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Wandler_Lisa

    Lisa Wandler

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Shaffer_Carissa

    Carissa Shaffer

  • Corp_Site_BMW_PerezRicardo

    Ricardo Perez

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Gaines_JoeGerral

    Joe & Gerral Gaines

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Ferguson_Tiffani

    Tiffani Ferguson

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Arp_AshleyChris

    Chris & Ashley Arp

  • Corp_Site_BMW_VarnadoeShane

    Shane Varnadoe

  • Corp_Site_BMW_WeatherfordKaron

    Karon Weatherford

  • Corp_Site_BMW_WagnerAmy

    Amy Wagner

  • Corp_Site_BMW_TroyBruceDonna

    Bruce & Donna Troy

  • Corp_Site_BMW_SchomerDesiree

    Desiree Schomer

  • Corp_Site_BMW_SchmidtKristal

    Kristal Schmidt

  • Corp_Site_BMW_RobinsonDan

    Dan Robinson

  • Corp_Site_BMW_MilesCalvin

    Calvin Miles

  • Corp_Site_BMW_MartinHelen

    Helen Martin

  • Corp_Site_BMW_KeithMisty

    Misty Keith

  • Corp_Site_BMW_HolleyRoma

    Roma Holley

  • Corp_Site_BMW_DixonNicole

    Nicole Dixon

  • Corp_Site_BMW_DaigleJordan

    Jordan Daigle

  • Corp_Site_BMW_BrownLisa

    Lisa Brown

  • Corp_Site_BMW_BetancourtJorge

    Jorge Betancourt

  • Corp_Site_BMW_WatkinsValerieJohn

    John & Valerie Watkins

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Anderson_Robert

    Robert C. Anderson

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Horton_Shannon

    Shannon Horton

  • Corp_Site_BMW_SmithMichael

    Michael Smith

  • Corp_Site_BMW_WooldridgeSamuel

    Samuel Wooldridge

  • Corp_Site_BMW_PandoAlberto&Miriam

    Alberto & Miriam Pando

  • Corp_Site_BMW_LeeAndrea

    Andrea Lee

  • Corp_Site_BMW_BalsmanJustin

    Justin Balsman

  • Corp_Site_BMW_ChavezPerriJose

    Perri & Joseph Chavez

  • Corp_Site_BMW_flakewhitneysimon

    Whitney & Simon Flake

  • Corp_Site_BMW_WalesDrew

    Drew Wales

  • Corp_Site_BMW_SerranoDanny

    Danny Serrano

  • Corp_Site_BMW_bonilla

    Santos Bonilla-Padilla

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Parker_Norman_Charlotte

    Norman & Charlotte Parker

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Rodriguez_Hazael

    Hazael Rodriguez

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Cartwright_Ken

    Ken Cartwright

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Randa_Jodi

    Jodi Randa

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Gilbreath_Joshua

    Joshua Gilbreath

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Galindez_Anais

    Anais Galindez

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Hagan_Johnny&MaryAnn

    Johnny & MaryAnn Hagan

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Neppl_Michal

    Michal Neppl

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Fonseca_Allan&Jamie

    Allan & Jamie Fonseca

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Demio_Robin

    Robin Demio

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Cartwright_Jason

    Jason Cartwright

  • Corp_Site_BMW_JulioTristan_Jose

    Jose Julio Tristan

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Arriaga_Kristi

    Kristi Arriaga

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Kastner_Karen&Jerry

    Jerry & Karen Kastner

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Crespo_Karen&Carlos

    Carlos & Karen Crespo

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Turner_Dana

    Dana Turner

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Butler_Mike&Ronda

    Mike & Ronda Butler

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Wyatt_Jennifer

    Jennifer Wyatt

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Fromenthal_Megan

    Megan Fromenthal

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Chandler_Bryan

    Bryan Chandler

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Inman_Perry&Marissa

    Perry & Marissa Inman

  • Corp_Site_BMW_DISCHLER_David&Karina

    David & Karina Dischler

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Jurisich_Frank

    Frank & Sissy Jurisich

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Cintron_Ricardo

    Ricardo Ortiz Cintron

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Bill_Carri

    Bill & Carri Butcher

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Reyes_Guillermo

    Guillermo Reyes

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Brewer_Ashley

    Ashley Brewer

  • Harville-Eddie-Debra

    Eddie & Debra Harville

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Smith_Tripp_Dona

    Tripp & Dona Smith

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Broussard_Jared

    Jared Broussard

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Smith_Casey

    Casey Smith

  • BARNETT_corp_site

    Mary Barnett

  • DRONZEK_corp_site

    Teresa Dronzek

  • CURRENCE_corp_site

    Keith & Eava Currence

  • Blackwelder_corp_site

    John & Amy Blackwelder

  • Corp_Site_Promoter_BMW_Template_Nishimura

    Miki Nishimura

  • Reynaud-Ryan-Brandy

    Ryan Reynaud

  • Corp_Site_BMW_WatersBetsy

    Betsy Waters

  • Faulkner-Holly

    Holly Faulkner

  • Naquin-Danielle

    Danielle Naquin

  • Higginbotham-David-Lille

    David & Lillie Higginbotham

  • Smith-Kaylie-Pepper

    Kaylie & Pepper Smith

  • Murphy_corp_site

    Carley & Neet Murphy

  • Maltby_Tammy

    Tammy Maltby

  • Heinemeier-Ewan-Kelli

    Ewan Heinemeier

  • Carlisle-Danny-Christy

    Danny & Christy Carlisle

  • Pryor-Jessica

    Jessica Pryor

  • Calvery-Randy-Teresa

    Randy & Teresa Calvery

  • Matherine-Carrie

    Carrie Matherne

  • Holloway-Tammy

    Tammy Holloway

  • Michael-Dale

    Dale Michael

  • Dunlap-RD-Alisha

    RD & Alisha Dunlap

  • Chanliongco-Peter

    Peter & Malou Chanliongco

  • Gage-Jackson

    Jackson Gage

  • Deleon-Herb

    Herb Deleon

  • Farrior-John-Rhonda

    John & Rhonda Farrior

  • Fox-Joy

    Joy Fox

  • Patton-Kathy-Carl

    Katherine & Carl Patton

  • Stephens-Carolyn

    Carolyn Stephens

  • Jefferson-III-James

    James & Heather Jefferson III

  • Schrock-Dorothy

    Dorothy Schrock

  • Honeycutt-Rick-Brenda

    Ricky & Brenda Honeycutt

  • Walton-Derrell

    Derrell Walton

  • Allen-Keith-Mandy

    Keith & Mandy Allen

  • Sebag-Joel

    Joel Sebag

  • Bass-Jonathon

    Jonathon Bass

  • Campbell-Sherry

    Sherry Campbell

  • Newell-Karen-Keith

    Keith & Karen Newell

  • Talford-Phillip

    Phillip & Lisa Talford

  • Reid-Mike-Christy

    Mike & Christy Reid

  • Johnson-Chad-Jorja

    Chad & Jorja Johnson

  • Taylor-Adam-Christina

    Adam & Christina Taylor

  • HiltonRobinson-Barry-Jill

    Barry & Jill Hilton-Robinson

  • Lorio_Rhonda

    Rhonda Lorio

  • Cannon-Margery

    Dennis & Margery Cannon

  • KingWillis-Brandol

    Brandol King

  • Black-Gary-Lisa

    Gary & Lisa Black

  • Hale-Sammy-Kathy

    Sammy & Kathy Hale

  • Lovett-Nathan-Brandy

    Nathan & Brandy Lovett

  • Westover-Ryan-Andrea

    Ryan & Andrea Westover

  • Holt-Ben

    Ben Holt

  • Lambert-Robert-Cynthia

    Robert & Cynthia Lambert

  • Stacy-J-Secret

    J & Secret Stacy

  • Hersey-Rick-Sandra

    Sandra & Rick Hersey

  • Sebag-Ednor

    Ednor Sebag

  • Zavitson-Russ-Denise

    Russ Zavitson

  • Davis-Brooks-Lisa

    Brooks & Lisa Davis

  • Davis-Tom-Emily

    Tom & Emily Davis

  • Koger-Karla

    Karla Koger

  • Catapang-Gerry

    Gerry & Lalaine Catapang

  • Turner-Sonya

    Sonya Turner

  • Vann-Tammy

    Tammy Vann

  • Smith-Laurie-Edward

    Laurie & Edward Smith

  • Barber-Jim-Brenda

    Jim & Brenda Barber

  • Redwine-Denise

    Denise & Justin Redwine

  • Patton-Trey

    Trey Patton

  • Horsley-Kenneth

    Kenneth Horsley

  • Lee-Andrea-Fred

    Andrea & Fred Lee

  • Bradley-Tim

    Tim Bradley

  • Ewing-Angel

    Angel Ewing

  • Dickerson-Mike-Kelli

    Mike & Kelli Dickerson

  • Powell-Denise

    Denise M. Powell

  • Kelly-Josiah

    Josiah Kelly

  • Walker-Lisa

    Lisa Walker

  • Taylor-Victoria

    Victoria Taylor

  • Ewing-Traci

    Traci Ewing

  • Hardin-Christopher

    Christopher Hardin

  • Lee-Allen

    Allen Lee

  • Redman-Kevin-Michelle

    Kevin & Michelle Redman

  • Ellis-Wanda

    Wanda & Frankie Ellis

  • Barber-Lisa

    BL & Lisa Barber

  • Barber-Emily

    Emily Barber

  • Carroll-Russell

    Russell Carroll

  • Honsberg-Stephanie

    Stephanie Honsberg

  • Smith-DeAnne-Michael

    DeAnne & Mike Smith

  • Witter_Becky

    Becky & George Witter

  • Howard-Sheryl

    Sheryl Howard

  • Patton-Knox-Janie

    Knox & Janie Patton

  • KellyMcDonald-Lisa

    Lisa Kelly-McDonald

  • Reker-Doug

    Doug Reker

  • Martin-Gerald

    Gerald Martin

  • Mckinley-Jill

    Jill & Sidney McKinley

  • Phelps-Adam-Lori

    Adam Phelps

  • Mitchell-Jo

    Jo Mitchell

  • Brogdon-David

    David Brogdon

  • Speed-Yolanda

    Yolanda Speed

  • Springer-Haven

    Haven Springer

  • Mitchell-Lacey

    Lacey Mitchell

  • Foree_Lennie

    Lennie Foree

  • Kieffer-Ryland

    Ryland Kieffer

  • Rogers-Brandon

    Brandon Rogers

  • Renner-Kay

    Kay K. Renner

  • Yust_Neil_Lois

    Neil & Lois Yust

  • Eppinette-Horace

    Horace & Peggy Eppinette

  • Thompson-Kati

    Kati Thompson

  • Roseberry-Cindy

    Cindy Roseberry

  • Opdenhoff-Janet

    Janet Opdenhoff

  • Johnson-Blane

    Blane Johnson

  • Atkinson-Ray-Nataya

    Ray & Nataya Atkinson

  • Girardi-Steve

    Steve Girardi

  • Williams-Mark-Sonya

    Mark & Sonya Williams

  • Chapman-David

    David & Belinda Chapman

  • Shadinger-Anita

    Anita Shadinger

  • Lee-Lamecha

    Lamecha Lee

  • Robinson-Matt-Debra

    Matt & Debra Robinson

  • Haas-Vicki

    Michael & Vicki Haas

  • Arnault-Justin

    Justin Arnault

  • Atkins-Sammie

    Sammie Atkins

  • Mitchell_Eddie

    Eddie Mitchell

  • Vanhus-Chad

    Chad & Misty VanHuis

  • Challberg-CHarlotte

    Charlotte Challberg

  • Turner-Amy-Bobby

    Amy & Bobby Turner

  • Landry-Maria

    Marla Landry

  • SuzukiAyautagun-Elji

    Suzuki Eiji

  • Deese-Nathan

    Nathan & Rachel Deese

  • Corbello-Lorena

    Lorena Corbello

  • Howard-Tammy

    Tammy Howard

  • Youngblood-Brad-Felicia

    Brad & Felicia Youngblood

  • Collins-Faye

    Faye L Collins

  • Beard-Jarrett

    Jarrett Beard

  • Massey-Tim-Jennifer

    Tim & Jennifer Massey

  • Coffey-Niki-Michael

    Nikki & Michael Coffey

  • Weatheread-Amy

    Amy Weatheread

  • Cashaw-Alan

    Alan Cashaw Jr

  • Williams-Dylan

    Dylan Williams

  • Gremillion-Jana

    Jana Gremillion

  • Thorne-Misty

    Misti Thorne

  • Smith-Herman

    Herman A. Smith

  • Daniel_Darrell_Melissa

    Darrell & Melissa Daniel

  • Wright-Gary

    Gary Wright

  • Carter-Sharon

    Sharon & Rodney Carter

  • Poston-Marilyn

    Marilyn & Benny Poston

  • Schanzer-Glenn

    Glenn Schanzer

  • Butler_Edgar

    Edgar & Tina Butler

  • Broussard-Phyllis

    Phyllis Broussard

  • Franklin-Erik

    Erick & Aquenta Franklin

  • Cormier-Vena

    Vena Cormier

  • Martinez-Joe

    Joe Martinez

  • Colvin-Thomas-Scott

    Thomas Scott Colvin

  • Saling-Bill-Susan

    Susan & Bill Saling

  • Beard-Debbie

    Debra G. Beard

  • Harville-Eddie-Debra

    Eddie & Debra Harville

  • Herren-Craig-Nancy

    Nancy & Craig Herren

  • Burnside-William-Felisa

    William E. & Felisa M. Burnside

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Dentrick_Chretien

    Dentrick Chretien

  • Korkut-Nathaniel

    Nathaniel Korkut

  • Cooley-Elaine

    Elaine Cooley

  • Trousdale-Robbie

    Robbie Trousdale

  • Mcadoo-Brian

    Brian & Kresha McAdoo

  • Bennett-Galen-Elizabeth

    Galen & Elizabeth Bennett

  • Reed-Matt-Christi

    Matt & Christi Reed

  • Smith-Alfred-Leah

    Alfred & Leah Smith

  • Neely-Billy

    Billy Neely

  • Dekeyzer-Julie

    Julie DeKeyzer

  • Moore-Lisa-Kay

    Lisa-Kay & Joe Moore

  • Bailey-Tiffany

    Tiffany & Justin Bailey

  • Patterson-Bee

    Bee Patterson

  • Didonna-Joe

    Joe DiDonna

  • Thibodeaux_Kecisa

    Kecisa Thibodeaux

  • Selman-Doug-Candace

    Doug & Candace Selman

  • Reppond-Nancy

    Nancy & Frank Reppond

  • Broussard-Brock

    Brock Broussard

  • Naquin-Greg

    Greg Naquin

  • Opdenhoff-James-Kristyn

    James & Kristyn Opdenhoff

  • Jarrell-Jeren-Phillip

    Phillip & Jeren Jarrell

  • Mason-Amy

    Amy Mason

  • Scott-Trish

    Trish Scott

  • Hardie-Kristal-Justin

    Kristal Hardie

  • Pooser-Mark-Leisha

    Mark Pooser

  • Guillotte-Gwen

    Gwen Guillotte

  • Ray-Lynn

    Lynn Ray

  • Kidd-Caleb-Kasey

    Caleb & Kasey Kidd

  • Mcgee-Sonya-Rod

    Sonya & Rod McGee

  • Weeks-Karen

    Karen Weeks

  • Hebert-Chris-Tracey

    Tracey & Chris Hebert

  • Dupont-Brian

    Brian Dupont

  • Pooser-Brandon

    Brandon & Anissa Pooser

  • Murrell-Jonathan-Heidi

    Jonathan & Heidi Murrell

  • Segura_Karl

    Karl & Misty Segura

  • Tibbett-Justin-Gretchin

    Justin Tibbett

  • Duff_George_Kathy

    George & kathy Duff

  • Springer-Mark

    Mark Springer

  • Carver-Melissa

    Melissa Carver

  • Cromwell_Melanie_Steven

    Steven & Melanie Cromwell

  • Bignar-Carrie

    David & Carrie Bignar

  • Nelson-Daniel

    Daniel Nelson

  • Butler-Janice

    Janice Butler

  • Ellis-Hudson

    Hudson Ellis

  • Cooper-Justin

    Justin Cooper

  • Busby-Joe

    Joe & Paige Busby

  • Scully_Howard_Maria

    Howard & Maria Scully

  • Allison-Stephen-Karen

    Stephen & Karen Allison

  • Vaughn-Rick-Jane

    Rick & Jane Vaughn

  • Baker-Doug-Christy

    Doug & Christy Baker

  • White-Stan-Amy

    Stan & Amy White

  • Obryan-Donald

    Donald OBryan

  • Matkin_Kresha

    Kresha & Brad Matkin

  • Strickland-Jean

    Jean Strickland

  • Alston-Dave

    Dave Alston

  • Williams-DeMarcus-Crystal

    Demarcus & Crystal Williams

  • Hawthorne_Myron

    Dwayne Poe

  • Lawrence-Holly

    Holly Lawrence

  • Stecklein-Denissa

    Denissa Stecklein

  • Christie-Jeff-Sharon

    Jeff & Sharon Christie

  • Schlicher-Andrea

    Andrea Schlicher

  • Rosser-Corey

    Corey Rosser

  • Campbell-Stacie

    Stacie & Jon Campbell

  • Shields_Andrew_Jodi

    Andrew & Jodi Shields

  • Defeo-Nick

    Nick & Marcie DeFeo

  • Phipps_Tonya

    Tonya Phipps

  • Joseph-Sharon

    Sharon Joseph

  • Birdwell-Carol-Anthony

    Carol & Anthony Birdwell

  • Harbin-Lisa-Gil

    James (Gil) & Lisa Harbin

  • Sanders-Alisha

    Alisha Sanders

  • Vernado-Kelsea

    Kelsea Varnado

  • Graber-Zack

    Zack Graber

  • Imamura-Koujrou

    Koujirou Imamura

  • Charrier_Michael

    Michael & Mandy Charrier

  • Murphy-Kenny-Dana

    Kenneth & Dana Murphy Jr.

  • Bailey-Allison-BillyJoe

    Allison & Billy Joe Sr. Bailey

  • Derise_Joy_Jason

    Jason & Joy Derise

  • Symonds-Sumer-Daniel

    Daniel & Sumer Symonds

  • Graber_Diane

    Diane Graber

  • Compton-Steve

    Steve Compton

  • Adamson-Jimmy

    Jimmy & Jelima Adamson

  • Phillips-Melody

    Melody & James Phillips

  • Emitte-Alana

    Alana Emitte

  • Davis_Dessie

    Dessie Davis

  • Belue-Jay

    Jay & Lori Belue

  • White_Allen_Cyndi

    Allen & Cyndi White

  • Young-Ziomara

    Ziomara Young

  • Fullerton-Kim

    Kim Fullerton

  • Tedford-Stace

    Stace Tedford

  • Allgood-Kaci-Michael

    Michael & Kaci Allgood

  • Allgood_Duke_Sissy

    Duke & Sissy Allgood

  • Savant-Faye-Kerry

    Faye & Kerry Savant

  • Braswell_Juli

    Juli Braswell

  • McFry-Shane

    Shane Mcfry

  • Bates-Lori

    Lori & David Bates

  • Hall-Sherry-John

    Sherry Hall

  • Colizzi-Adrienne

    Adrienne Colizzi

  • Crawford-Amira

    Amira Crawford

  • Gambill-Dana

    Dana Gambill

  • Timmons-Billy-Robbin

    Billy & Robbin Timmons

  • Waldorf_Kim

    Kim & Tom Waldorf

  • Fournet-Jay-Brenna

    Jay & Brenna Fournet

  • Thompson-Chad

    Chad Thompson

  • Grisham-Bob-Karen

    Bob & Karen Grisham

  • Dupuis-Michael-Yvette

    Michael & Yvette Dupuis

  • Moss-Annette-James

    Annette & James E Moss

  • Peoples-Kathryn

    Kathryn Peoples

  • Chelette-Wilda-Jack

    Wilda & Jeneral Chelette

  • Raymond-Wendy

    Wendy & Ben Raymond

  • McNeil-Kristy

    Kristy McNeil

  • Ceccarelli-Larry-Trudy

    Larry & Trudy Ceccarelli

  • Berg-Chad-Crystal

    Chad & Crystal Berg

  • Rodriguez-Louis-Jacklyn

    Louis & Jacklyn Rodriguez

  • Toribio-Fernando

    Fernando Toribio

  • Moorman-Angie-Frankie

    Angie & Frankie Moorman

  • Sanft-Ryan-Flora

    Ryan Sanft

  • Goode-Ryan-Stacey

    Ryan & Stacey Goode

  • Chisholm-Jake-Jill

    Jake Chisholm

  • Beavers-Dan-Kitty

    Dan & Kitty Beavers

  • Gross_Cody_Karin

    Cody & Karin Gross

  • Hamilton-Bruce

    Bruce Hamilton

  • Cagle-Andrea

    Andrea Cagle

  • Lambert-Debbie-Steve

    Debbie Lambert

  • Wallen-Buffy-Billy

    Buffy & Billy Wallen

  • Rubalcava-Melissa

    Melissa & Joe Rubalcava

  • Vega-Reggie-Jenni

    Reginald & Jenni Vega

  • McClung-Elizabeth-Michael

    Elizabeth & Michael Mcclung

  • Hamblin-Caroline-Jared

    Caroline Hamblin

  • Liles_Seine

    Seine Liles

  • Denham-Tracey-Jamie

    Tracey & Jamie Denham

  • Tucker-Libby

    Libby Tucker

  • Carruth-Charles-Patricia

    Patricia Carruth

  • Curry-DJ-Ke’miko

    DJ & Kemiko Curry

  • Henderson-Keith-Carol

    Carol & Keith Henderson

  • Broadway-Jessica

    Jessica Broadway

  • Huete-Brianna

    Brianna Huete

  • Ehart-Sean-Kristy

    Sean & Kristi Ehart

  • Gros-Sheila

    Sheila & Michael Gros

  • Diafos-Andy

    Andrew Diafos

  • Owens-Russell

    Russell Owens

  • Wroten_John

    John Wroten

  • Burns-Jeff-Julie

    Jeffrey Burns

  • Bauman-Greg-Erin

    Greg Bauman

  • Clepper-Pat

    Pat Clepper

  • LLewellyn-Brant

    Brant Llewellyn

  • Smith-Britany-Bob

    Britany & Robert Smith

  • Sheppard-Jonathan-Karol

    Jonathan Sheppard

  • Ornelas-Lee-Ann

    Lee Ann Ornelas

  • Gott-Julie

    Julie Gott

  • Leblanc-Jason-Lisa

    Jason & Lisa LeBlanc

  • Cuello-Ruben-Tina

    Tina & Ruben Cuello

  • Massengill-La-Dona

    La Dona Massengill

  • English-Kelly

    Kelly English

  • Walker-David-Jacki

    David & Jacki Walker

  • Hamilton-Don-Janette

    Don & Janette Hamilton

  • Badeaux-Greg

    Gregory & Belinda Badeaux

  • Wallace-Ashleigh

    Ashleigh Wallace

  • English-Aleisha

    Aleisha Kaye English

  • Wroten-Christie-Todd

    Christie & Todd Wroten

  • Kussman_Leslie

    Leslie & Jason Kussman

  • DeFatta-Blake

    Blake DeFatta

  • Badeaux-Dolly

    Dolly & Rory Badeaux

  • Tyler-Robert-Teena

    Robert & Teena Tyler

  • Brown-Karen-David

    Karen Brown

  • Smith-Gracie

    Gracie Smith

  • Blagec-Scott

    Scott Blagec

  • Hunnicutt-Deborah

    Deborah Hunnicutt

  • Pierce-Patton-Lisa

    Patton & Lisa Pierce

  • Nunn_Nick

    Nick Nunn

  • Parkin-Paul-Raelynn

    Raelynn & Paul Parkin

  • Savoie-Gerald

    Gerald Savoie

  • Garrison_Sharon

    Sharon Garrison

  • Sheppard-Dan-Mildred

    Norman “Dan” Sheppard

  • Moreland-Anthony-Gerald

    Gerald/Anthony Moreland

  • Garrett-Relani

    Relani L. Garrett

  • Tatum_Kathy

    Kathy Tatum

  • Robinson-Seth

    Seth Robinson

  • Duhon-Nick

    Nick Duhon

  • Brown-Nichole

    Nichole Brown

  • Stringer-Josh-Kasey

    Josh Stringer

  • Harrell-Spencer

    Spencer Harrell

  • Harrison-Cindy

    Cindy Harrison

  • Mothershed_John_Suzanne

    John Mothershed

  • Huffaker_Michael_Kristen

    Michael Huffaker

  • Higgins-Darrell

    Darrell Higgins

  • Aldredge_Justin

    Justin Aldredge

  • Guidry_Michael

    Judy Guidry

  • Austin-Lindsay

    Lindsay & Jason Austin

  • Hudson-Jaimee

    Jaimee Hudson

  • Caldwell-Madonna

    Madonna & Wendell Caldwell

  • Sampson-Terrance-Dena

    Terrance & Dena Sampson

  • Crowe-Wendell-Catrina

    Wendell & Catrina Crowe

  • Baker-Mohammed-Jessica

    Mohammed Baker

  • Bostrom-Ken-Mary

    Ken & Mary Bostrom

  • Spangler-Leah-Jason

    Jason & Leah Spangler

  • Elqutub-Yaser

    Yaser Elqutub

  • Kennedy-RandomPicture

    Random & Tim Kennedy

  • Reding-Rick-Teresa

    Teresa & Eric Reding

  • Bagwell_Kenneth

    Kenneth & Dina Bagwell

  • Carter-Alexandra

    Alexandra E. Carter

  • Tyler_Alison

    Alison Tyler

  • Smith-Chad

    Chad Smith

  • Parker-Andy

    Andy Parker

  • Galbraith-Jamie

    Jamie Galbraith

  • Walker-Dave-Debby

    Dave & Debby Walker

  • Paschall_Jim_Julie

    Jim & Julie Paschall

  • Lee-Alisha-Shane

    Alisha & Shane Lee

  • Sanderson-Jennifer

    Jennifer Sanderson

  • Corp_Site_BMW_Kenji_Hosokawa

    Kenji Hosokawa

  • Muneo_Ino

    Muneo Ino

  • Tsuboi_Katsuhiro

    Katsuhiro Tsuboi

  • Phillips-Tyler-Erica

    Erica & Tyler Phillips

  • Hall-Brendan-Liza

    Brendan & Liza Hall

  • Martin-Justin-Kristina

    Justin & Kristina Martin

  • Barton-Rusty-Angela

    Rusty & Angela Barton

  • Bradshaw-Julie-John

    Julie & John E. Bradshaw

  • Finley-Jerri-Craig

    Craig & Jerri Finley

  • Liles-Tommy-Linda

    Tommy and Linda Liles

  • Pardue-Shannon-Rachette

    Shannon & Rachetté Pardue

  • Hunter-Elaine

    Betty E. Hunter

  • Mccain-Bobby-Carolyn

    Bobby & Carolyn McCain

  • Wilson-Linda

    Linda Wilson

  • Ward-Cindy-Wayne

    Wayne & Cindy Ward

  • Liles-Salien

    Salien Liles

  • Wroten-Ernestine-Chester

    Ernestine & Chester Wroten

  • Baker-Treasa

    Treasa Baker

  • Tyler-Paul-Kay

    Kay & Paul Tyler

  • Delmolino-Christine-Michael

    Chris & Mike Delmolino

  • Degraaf-Anthony

    Anthony Degraaf

  • Shrock-Wayne-Tina

    Wayne & Tina Shrock

  • Winbush-Quarvey-Shandra

    Quarvay & Shandra Winbush

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Reward Trips


What Are LIMU Reward Trips?



So after you get your BMW, how can we possibly top that? Easy. That’s just the start. Once you set yourself apart, LIMU ups the ante by going above and beyond with incredible Reward Trips at each key promotional level — we’re talking free vacays to some of the world’s most fun getaways! We’ll send you off on lavish, all-expenses-paid trips designed to pamper you and push you to dream even bigger — to achieve even more! Create lifelong memories that blend thrill and enchantment on elegant, once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ll never forget.


Learn How to Qualify!

PDF – English PDF – Español PDF – 日本語

50K Reward Trip



Clear emerald and turquoise waters lap along the breathtaking beaches edged with miles of pale, pink sand. Crisp, cool BLU 2 in hand, you’re relaxing and rejuvenating on an epic retreat with your fellow 50K qualifiers, and you realize — this is paradise. This is the LIMU Experience.

Enjoy five days and four nights on a luxury cruise to the pristine Bahamas as a 50K.

100K Reward Trip



Uncover an underwater city. Rub noses with dolphins. Taste the creativity of celebrity chefs and zip past sharks in a 60-foot waterslide as you explore the legend of Atlantis on Paradise Island. You’ll be lavishly spoiled at the iconic Royal Towers, immersed in elegant soirees and grandiose dinners, and enchanted with all the beauty the Bahamas have to offer.


Enjoy five days and four nights amidst the grand architecture, artwork and splendor of the lost city Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas as a 100K.

200K Reward Trip



Maybe it’s the fresh, floral air energizing you. Maybe it’s the warm, tranquil waters refreshing you. Maybe it’s the breathtaking, natural beauty renewing you. Maybe it’s just the tiki torches heating things up! Whatever it is, there’s no place on earth like Hawaii. Enticing and intimate, the South Pacific beckons you to share in the culture and captivating rapture on this magnificent getaway. Because volcanoes.


Enjoy five days and four nights in the enchanting islands of Hawaii as a 200K.

500K+ Reward Trip



Reserved especially for our top income earners at LIMU, our 500K & 1M Reward Trips offers you a lengthy stay in one of six exotic and vibrant destinations. Live the dream on a perfectly tailored grand tour of Italy, Central Europe, France, Australia, the British Isles or Tahiti. Between scenic islands, lush art and architecture, intimate enclaves and romantic sophistication, these trips have been hand-planned with care to create a once-in-a-lifetime addition to your LIMU Experience.

Enjoy nine days and eight nights in one of seven unforgettable destinations as a 500K.


Over $13 MILLION DOLLARS given away
ON TOP OF regular commissions!

At LIMU, ANYone can win. We don’t sell here … we share. We share an Experience; we share a lifestyle; we share an empowering opportunity to look better, feel better and live better. We share a better way of life that’s rewarding, fulfilling and fun. And because we’re so focused on stories and sharing, our international events focus on rewarding Promoters for their Experience stories. After all, people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. We’ve given away over $13 million dollars in prizes, products, trips and cash on top of regular commissions — in just the last 2.5 years alone! How’s that for a ‘why?!’

LIMU is the only company in the world that pays you for your own personal story!

  • We had nothing but elegance on our trip, right from the moment we landed. LIMU went above and beyond on our prize.

    – Ryan W.

  • It’s every woman’s dream to have 6 months’ free maid service. Thank you LIMU!

    – Leslie K.

  • Everything was top notch on our Vegas trip. It was unlike anything that we or most people we know have ever experienced.

    – Secret S.

  • There’s no better feeling in the world than getting up on stage and getting rewarded for something as simple as telling your own story.

    – Greg B.

  • The New York City trip we won at LIMU LIVE! was everything you dream of and a whole lot more. – Phil C.

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  • 5

Award-Winning Business-Building Tools & Support.

Your LIMU Experience is made by a huge and growing library of tools and tech to make your LIMU Experience as simple and stress-free as possible. Among the indispensable assets in your arsenal is our unparalleled Sales & Service Team: your business partners in success as you write your own story and live your dreams. It’s never been so easy to build your own business and be your own boss!

  • allaccess

    Business-Building Back Office & Mobile App

    LIMU All-Access puts your biz in the palm of your hand. It’s your ticket to 24/7 on-the-go connectivity. Personalized at-a-glance dashboards (including projected commissions) and real-time reports show you precisely what you need to do and who you need to focus on to grow your business. Leverage your Waiting Room with drag-and-drop ease as you place Promoters into key spots within your team. Run Contests, make placements and track your Carryover Volume all while earning extra PV with LIMU All-Access. You’ll also have a full digital Resource Library with all of your favorite LIMU Videos, training materials and shareable PDFs to take your business to the next level. Visit IAMLIMU.com

    Visit IAMLIMU.com

  • Biz_LIMU_events

    Fun & Energizing Corporate Events & Trainings

    We think different and drink different — because we’re a different kind of company. #BYOB and party like a boss! Our LIMU LIVE! Parties, annual International Convention and other corporately-sponsored events are 100% FREE! No registration fees. No cover charges. No excuses. And that’s something no one else in the industry can brag about. We’re also the only company in the world that pays you for your own personal story! We’ve given away over $13 million dollars in prizes, products, trips and cash in just the last 2.5 years alone! Be inspired by like-minded entrepreneurs, Top Income Earners and LIMU Leaders with all the tips, tricks, tools and strategies you need to succeed. Step into the spotlight and get the props you deserve! Keep up with all the upcoming action at LIMUevents.com and blur the line between work and play!

    Visit LIMUEVENTS.com

  • limunation

    The Official LIMU Blog & Promoter Portal

    Welcome to your insider news source for all the buzz-worthy things trending across LIMU Nation: engaging and fun content, viral videos, shareable GIFs and pics, upcoming corporate events, nearby parties and trainings, business-building articles, success stories, plus all the latest rollouts, promotions and much more. This is our online hub to keep your finger on the pulse of the worldwide LIMU community — at the intersection of pop culture, new media and the global marketplace.

    Visit LIMUNATION.com

  • yopros

    Where the Young Professionals Go

    Ya ready to #BYOB — you know: Be Your Own Boss? This is the edgier side of LIMU, where the up ‘n comers hang. They think different and drink different, and they’ve got an online outlet to showoff their fun lifestyles and the incredible success they’re achieving on their own terms. They’re forward-thinking entrepreneurs who reject the status quo and are taking a stand to do something unique that truly makes a difference in this world, all while designing their own days. Our YoPros are changing the game with a social network marketing approach to build their own businesses and live the lives they want to live and YoPros.com is full of those inspiring stories of success from young professionals that thrive on doing meaningful work.

    Visit YOPROS.com

  • limuvideos

    LIMU Videos On Demand

    LIMUvideos.com is your one-stop, easy-to-remember spot for all the newest, hottest, you guessed it … LIMU videos — to assist you in your business-building efforts. There you’ll find a neatly organized collection of our favorite content covering LIMU’s innovative products, company culture, life-changing opportunity, power-packed trainings, moving fitspiration and incredible transformations, dynamic motivation, energizing live events, luxurious Reward Trips, industry-shaking marketing and branding and charitable initiatives and community outreach. You’ll also discover powerful #YoPros lifestyle videos to share about the #BYOB Movement and useful Text Invite vids to send to prospects and do the talking for you. Bring the silver screen to your home office!

    Visit LIMUVIDEOS.com

  • limupost

    Facebook App — Industry First Digital Flyer Generator

    Up your digital game and professionalism by creating fun, on-brand custom graphics with just a couple of clicks! LIMUpost.com allows you to produce beautifully designed digital assets to share throughout your social networks and grow your audience online. We’re talking everything you need to share the LIMU Experience and congratulate, motivate and educate, errr inform — welcome new members to your team and the #BYOB movement, announce upcoming team calls, parties, trainings and corporate events, shout-out new rank advancements, LIMU BMW CLUB qualifiers and show off your LIMU LEAN body transformation! You can even generate flyers to let the world know you’re on your way to party at LIMU LIVE!

    Visit LIMUPOST.com

  • Biz_LIMU_social_tools

    Ultra-Shareable Social Content & Digital Tools

    Social Media isn’t just for posting photos of your cat (even if it is adorable). LIMU Promoters prove day-in and day-out that social media is a fantastic way to build their businesses — it’s social network marketing, and it’s a hallmark of ours. Whether its on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, LIMU Promoters are engaged like never before, posting pictures, motivations, and working hard to introduce thousands upon thousands more individuals to The LIMU Experience every year.

    Our award-winning Marketing & Branding team puts a strong emphasis on digital content creation—all for you and your business. If you’ve got a Facebook and a phonebook, you’re set because we literally write the script for you! Think of us as your brand partners in success. Our creatives and techies are always ahead of the curve, producing next-level digital tools and resources to make building the brand and growing your business easy and fun!

    Visit LIMU on Facebook

  • limugeat

    Take a Stand & Rock the Brand

    One of the easiest ways to quickly communicate The LIMU Experience is simple: just represent the brand and become a walking billboard for your LIMU success. You’ll spark instant curiosity and conversation! We’re a lifestyle brand that represents a different way of living and offers a new perspective on life — so lose the briefcase, ditch the suit, take off the tie and turn your swag on. Top businesses are built by public ambassadors — gear up for your success at LIMUGEAR.com. Live the brand, be the brand and rock the gear.

    Visit LIMUGEAR.com



Opportunities like this don’t grow on trees — they grow in the hearts of dedicated,
passionate entrepreneurs with a vision. Meet the man behind the vision
and learn how LIMU grew to be a long-term financial opportunity
that is touching hundreds of thousands of lives.

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