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Founded in 2004, LIMU has been debt-free and successful from Day One, and we have been building momentum ever since.

As a company filled with forward-thinking, proven professionals in their field, LIMU is a stable, fast growing monolith in the world of direct selling. LIMU has attracted talent from across the nation to fill its headquarters in sunny Central Florida with revolutionary and forward-thinking individuals focused on changing the industry to propel its members to success.

  • LIMU Origins

The LIMU Company

Our company is built on the LIMU Experience, an opportunity that provides people what they seek: whether improved health or fitness, more energy and performance, real weight loss, a better lifestyle or greater financial independence. We help people change their lives and the lives of others, by empowering individuals to build lifelong significance that creates real peace of mind. LIMU members come from all walks of life, and success flows to the experienced and the inexperienced alike.

Take control of your future with LIMU. Be more.

The LIMU Company

LIMU Experience
What Does it Take?


You’re about to embark on a journey, but you won’t be doing it by yourself. There are rewards and prizes and inspirations and goals along the way, all leading towards an entirely new lifestyle — one where you’ll look, feel and live better than you ever have before. By living healthy and energetic lives with LIMU products, you can achieve true financial independence.

You were made for significance. Now step into it. Welcome to the LIMU Experience.

LIMU Experience

More and more people are joining LIMU every day, each with their own driving motivation. Whether you’d like to shed a few pounds or pay off credit card debt, improve your health or create a great new lifestyle, the personal goals you can reach are endless — and you can achieve those while enjoying the proven health and financial benefits of the LIMU Experience.

“I lost 34 pounds in 12 weeks. In less than a month, I reached 2K — and the commissions are INCREDIBLE. This is amazing.”
– Johna C.

“LIMU is not an office job, it’s a lifestyle. It allows you to form your work life into a life of choice; how you want to work, when you want to work, and with whom you work.”
– Zach M.

LIMU Experience
Define Your Own Success. Change Your Life.


Invigorate your body and kickstart your wellness by incorporating LIMU products into your everyday routine.


Enjoy your LIMU products at no cost by introducing a healthier LIMU lifestyle to your family & friends.


Live the LIMU Experience as an authentic Promoter of LIMU products. Help others take charge of their lives and qualify for generous cash bonuses, vacations, prizes, and even a FREE BMW.

Gary Raser
Founder, President and CEO

The story of Founder, President and CEO Gary J. Raser is one of humble beginnings. His family struggled to make ends meet, and often could not provide the comforts often taken for granted. That he was ultimately successful was borne out of a burning desire to make a better future for his family.

Having proven himself in the world of business, building his own success as a distributor in network marketing, Gary turned his strategic vision to create the LIMU dream: making better futures for families everywhere.

LIMU Origins

Gary Raser
A word from our founder

“In this industry, I saw a different way to work, to live, to create success. I could define and control my own destiny, but I could also affect countless lives in the process. I founded LIMU because I had unfinished business: I wanted to help everyone in the LIMU Family change their own lives. I wanted to provide an incredible financial opportunity for people, just like the one that changed my life more than twenty-five years ago.”

- Gary J. Raser

Rowdy Gaines
Brand Ambassador

There is a champion in each of us. One such champion has made himself a legend by setting 25 world records, earning three Olympic gold medals, and becoming the fastest human in the water over the age of fifty.

And now Rowdy Gaines adds to his triumphs by sharing that success with hundreds of thousands of fitness enthusiasts across America. As our official LIMU Brand Ambassador and a full-time employee of The Limu Company, Rowdy is a powered-by-LIMU athlete extraordinaire who serves as a living testimony to how LIMU can shape a body into a fit, trim, lean machine.

Rowdy Gaines
Product Enthusiast

Rowdy trains every day — that’s 8,000 yards every single day. And that training begins and ends with the LIMU product line.

Rowdy Gaines

Rowdy starts his day with a shot of LIMU ORIGINAL — that original premium seaweed blend that adds pep to the step and gets all cylinders firing.

“I drink LIMU ORIGINAL every day; been doing that for years now. It’s helped me maintain better health, especially on the road. I sleep better, I have more energy and I don’t get worn out from all my travel and an always hectic schedule. There’s always some in my carry on bag wherever I go.”

Rowdy Gaines

There’s no substitute for natural energy, and BLU FROG’s the natural choice for Rowdy, who takes BLU FROG with him wherever he goes to get that edge on his day and stay on top of his game.

“A quick energy boost without the crash? That’s invaluable in the Olympic life. Athletes are constantly looking for sources of energy that won’t bring that sugary downward slope at the end. I can’t afford to be wiped out in the middle of a race — so I down a BLU FROG before I dive in, and I leave the water feeling as up as I did diving in.”

Rowdy Gaines

Rowdy burns through approximately 5,300 calories in a single day of training. That’s well-spent energy that needs to be replenished in the form of proteins — and LIMU LEAN has the highest-quality protein sources on the market.

“LIMU LEAN is the best protein out there. The shakes are exactly what I need to maintain my workouts and to help me recover. With LEAN I’m sure I’m getting the best protein to go seriously hard in the pool and to help with muscle recovery when I’m done.”

Rowdy Gaines
Swimming Icon

25 world records. 3 gold medals. 1 enduring legacy.

That’s Rowdy Gaines, the Voice of Swimming who pops out of the water every four years to serve as the official commentator for the Summer Olympics.

  • 1980 World Swimmer of the Year, Swimming World
  • 1980 Swimmer of the Year, United States Swimming
  • 1981 Southeastern Conference Athlete of the Year
  • 1982 McDonald’s Spirit Award
  • 1982 ConocoPhillips Performance Award (first recipient)
  • 1984 Florida Sports Hall of Fame Amateur Athlete of the Year
  • 1984 World Swimmer of the Year, Swimming World
  • 1984 AAU James E. Sullivan Award Nominee
  • 1988 Alabama Sports Hall of Fame
  • 1995 International Swimming Hall of Fame
  • 1996 Florida Sports Hall of Fame
  • 2005 Olympic Hall of Fame
  • 2007 NCAA Silver Anniversary Award
  • Rowdy Gaines
    Community Outreach

    The greatest part of being a champion is giving back what you’ve received.

    In the water, he’s a legend. But out of the water, he’s a mentor, a motivational speaker, and a champion for youth. A lifetime of commitment, responsibility, teamwork and dedication has filled Rowdy’s heart with a desire to bring those keystones of success to hundreds of thousands of children across America.

    From schools and swimming pools to hospitals and hospice, leading swim clinics and speaking on what makes a hero and the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities around us. More than learning how to swim, these children learn how to truly live.

    LIMU Gives

    The vision of The LIMU Company has always been to provide opportunity to those in need. In an effort to more directly meet the needs of the less fortunate, Gary founded LIMU GIVES, a service-oriented charitable initiative to give back to the community and offer a hand up rather than a handout. Because when Gary found success later in life, he made it his personal mission to share his blessings with those in need.

    LIMU Gives

    From our very first days, LIMU has used a percentage of its product sales to help support charities with a focus on children, families, the homeless and community improvement. Our support is not just in the form of funding, because our LIMU staff is directly involved in LIMU GIVES throughout the year, helping to serve meals, walking and running in support of great causes, and contributing special expertise to our charitable partners.

    LIMU Gives
    Who WE HELP

    We are blessed with the opportunity to work with so many charity initiatives to give back to our community. Between spending time with children's centers, local hospitals, food banks, and other non-profits, The LIMU Company is filled with real people who are dedicated to serving and caring.

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    From its inception, Greg has worked closely with CEO Gary J. Raser and the Executive team to create and manage the formidable direct sales enterprise that is LIMU. Focused on the company’s technological infrastructure, Greg has helped create the significant business processes that support and help build your LIMU Experience.

    Lance Reese

    With over 20 years of executive leadership success with companies up to $1B in size, Lance directs many of the most important functions at LIMU, including marketing and business development, technology and R&D, creative services and HR, and operations and customer service. His broad expertise in building effective teams creates an extremely powerful platform for LIMU’s high-growth environment.

    Mary Baxley
    VP Finance

    A third generation CPA , Mary brings 33 years of professional accounting proficiency to LIMU’s executive team. With decades spent in both public and private accounting, Mary oversees the financial integrity and health of the LIMU business that assures profitability and stability are maintained for the long-term benefit of every Promoter.


    Ryan brings unique perspective to accelerating the LIMU business both domestically and around the world. Working closely with our Promoters and top LIMU Leaders, Ryan is the point person for generating new business, and his hands-on experience in opening over 60 countries in previous roles is perfectly suited for LIMU’s global plans.

    Justo Nunez
    VP Marketing

    With over 37 years of marketing experience, Justo brings significant expertise to his role of helping create and manage the LIMU brand. Directing a dedicated team of young professionals in design, multimedia and communication groups, Justo helps build and brand the LIMU Experience to create significant momentum for our Promoters.

    Rowdy Gaines
    LIMU Brand Ambassador

    A three-time Olympic Gold Medalist and a LIMU employee since 2007, Rowdy Gaines is our outstanding LIMU Brand Ambassador and a positive role model for everyone in LIMU Nation, whether he’s presenting at LIMU events, meeting with Promoters, visiting schools and children’s hospitals on behalf of LIMU, or holding free LIMU swim clinics.


    Jake is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating operational functions relating to LIMU products, inventories and vendor partners, including product and packaging development. Working in concert with Marketing and Finance, he assures that our Promoters are provided the products and tools they need to build strong LIMU businesses.

    John Raser
    Director Communications

    Creating comprehensive plans using a wide variety of media vehicles, John manages all outbound communication for LIMU, including through our award-winning website, exciting videos, regular information for Promoters and daily social media postings. With a focus on brand building, John helps create maximum impact for the LIMU Experience.

    Sandra Schick
    Director Finance

    With over 13 years of accounting experience, Sandra manages all day-to-day financial activities and reporting for LIMU. Responsible for our commissions and sales tax systems, as well as all credit card processing, she ensures that Promoters are paid correctly and on time, in both domestic and international markets.