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We have a simple philosophy:
Be more.

Whether you’re looking for improved health or fitness, weight loss, more energy, a better lifestyle or financial independence, LIMU gives our Promoters the tools, techniques and training necessary to achieve every goal and more. By empowering individuals to create significance in their life, LIMU offers the ability to create peace of mind with a turnkey business model that capitalizes on key megatrends — what’s massively consumable and in demand: liquid nutrition, weight management and energy.

Take control of your future with LIMU. Be more.

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Leadership through innovation.

LIMU is a pioneering brand that promises a unique and life-changing experience like no other. We’re setting trends, turning heads and changing the way business is done. Our proprietary Fucoidan-rich seaweed extract is always trending because it’s one-of-a-kind! We’re not just the LIMU category-creators, we’re the unquestioned market dominators! We understand the need to not only provide visible results, but to help individuals get rid of their debts and find financial freedom and we’ve designed the LIMU Experience to be the perfect way to do just that — to live differently and be more.

Stable & Strong.

Debt-free/profitable from Day 1.

Founded in 2004, with over 9,000 applications sent in over the company’s first weekend, LIMU has been debt-free and profitable since Day One. The rockstar team we’ve assembled behind-the-scenes is made up of sought-after, forward-thinking professionals who are successfully experienced in direct sales and brand building. The family business vibe and Be more attitude permeates throughout LIMU HQ. What moves us? New ways to conduct business. Shattering industry stereotypes and societal norms. Being the best, most attractive business opportunity out there. And helping people get to Friday.

We Bleed BLU.

Breeding a culture of success.

LIMU is our heart and soul — it’s all we think about. But, we’re only successful when our Promoters are successful, so we wake up pumped to produce next-level tools and are committed to creating unparalleled support with the TLC touch. Making our Promoters’ success easier is at the forefront of all we do. Our award-winning Marketing & Branding team is essentially a full-service digital agency that does everything in-house, including the best videos, multimedia content and cutting-edge promotional tools and training material. This think tank of creatives work hand-in-hand with our Ops and IT teams to make things work seamlessly.

Industry Firsts.

    • Free corporate events and trainings
    • Free sign-up – no enrollment fees
    • Free “Getting Started” DVD
    • Free product to enlisted military service men and women overseas
    • BMW at 20K Rank
    • 6 Weeks to qualify each month
    • Over $13 million in prizes, products, trips and cash given away for Experience stories
    • Digital flyer generator for Promoters – LIMU Post Facebook App

170 Awards and counting. #WINNING!

With a mission to help people Be more in all facets of life, LIMU has positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands worldwide, offering ultra-premium liquid nutrition and a highly effective new business model. On every level, the LIMU corporate staff works to provide the best materials, promotions, and events for LIMU Promoters and Customers alike. In the last year alone, the company has also garnered significant recognition with awards in business, marketing, creativity, packaging, event planning, design, videography, mobile, digital media and social media. These prestigious awards are sought after by Fortune 500 Companies across the nation; LIMU is joined by Google, Sony, Cisco Systems, Beats Electronics, ESPN, AT&T and Wells Fargo. From international firms to local production companies and ad agencies, many of these awards honor the finest in film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, TV commercials and broadcasted programs. These are incredible victories—and they’re yours.

  • Marcom Awards

    • marcom
    • 14 View the complete list of awards
  • Davey Awards

    • davey
    • 7 View the complete list of awards
  • W3 Awards

    • w3
    • 9 View the complete list of awards
  • Videographer Awards

    • video
    • 7 View the complete list of awards
  • The American Business Awards

    • business
    • 9 View the complete list of awards
  • The Telly Awards

    • telly
    • 4 View the complete list of awards
  • Creativity International Awards

    • creative
    • 8 View the complete list of awards
  • Summit International Awards

    • sia
    • 7 View the complete list of awards
  • The Communicator Awards

    • communicator
    • 16 View the complete list of awards
  • Hermes Creative Awards

    • hermes
    • 7 View the complete list of awards
  • AVA Digital Awards

    • ava
    • 19 View the complete list of awards
  • Graphic Design USA

    • gd
    • 13 View the complete list of awards

Marcom Awards

“The MarCom Awards is a creative competition for any individual or company involved in the concept, writing and design of print, visual, audio and web materials and programs.”

Awards Won:

  • Video: Marketing Product/Service — #BLU2 Launch Video
  • Video: Special Event — 100K Atlantis Reward Trip
  • Video: Corporate Image — An Experience Like No Other
  • Video: Marketing Product/Service — LIMU LEAN Success Story
  • Video: Recruitment — #YoPros Text Invite: Linsey Toole
  • Video: Recruitment — The LIMU Experience Party Video
  • Design: Logos — LIMU LIVE! Logo
  • Design: Infographics — What’s in One LEAN Shake
  • Design: Packaging — LIMU BMW CLUB Kit
  • Magazine: Industry — LIMU Success from Home, October 2013
  • Brochures: Special Events — 100K Atlantis Reward Trip Booklet
  • Photography: Product — BLU 2 Photography
  • Website: Business to Consumer — LIMU Corporate Website
  • Mobile App — LIMU Mobile

Davey Awards

“The largest and most prestigious awards competition exclusively for the ‘Davids’ of creativity, the annual International Davey Awards honors the achievements of the “Creative Davids’ who derive their strength from big ideas, rather than stratospheric budgets.”

Awards Won:

  • Websites: Consumer Products/Services — LIMU Corporate Website
  • Film & Video: Training — LIMU Getting Started DVD
  • Online Film & Video: Information — #YoPros vs. 9-to-5
  • Online Film & Video: Information — An Experience Like No Other
  • Davey Awards Share the post
  • Promotional: Packaging — LIMU Fast Track Pack
  • Promotional: Packaging — BLU 2 Energy Drink Can

W3 Awards

“The W³ Awards honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, videos and marketing programs.”

Awards Won:

  • Best in Show — Branded Content — #BLU2 Launch Video
  • Mobile Applications — LIMU Mobile
  • Visual Effects/Motion Graphics — 2014 LIMU International Convention Opener
  • Branded Content — LIMU BMW CLUB Video
  • Branded Content — LIMU 100K Reward Trip Video
  • Branded Content — An Experience Like No Other Video
  • Branded Content — 2014 LIMU International Convention Opener
  • Branded Content — At LIMU, ANYone Can Win Video
  • Social Content — LIMU Facebook

Videographer Awards

“We are an international awards program directed by communication professionals to honor talented individuals and companies in the video production field.”

Awards Won:

  • Recruitment — At LIMU, ANYone Can Win
  • Company Overview — An Experience Like No Other
  • Marketing (Product) — #BLU2 Launch Video
  • Special Event — LIMU 100K Reward Trip
  • Marketing (Product) — LIMU BMW CLUB
  • Training — LIMU Getting Started DVD
  • Marketing (Product) — LIMU LEAN Success Story

The American Business Awards

“The Stevie® Awards are the world’s premier business awards. They were created in 2002 to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide.”

Awards Won:

  • People’s Choice: Best New Consumer Product — BLU FROG 2
  • Corporate Overview Video — An Experience Like No Other Video
  • Product Sales Video — #BLU2 Launch Video
  • Branded Entertainment Video — LIMU BMW CLUB Video
  • Best Internal Recognition/Motivational Event — 2014 LIMU International Convention
  • Branded Entertainment Video — 2014 LIMU International Convention Opener
  • Business Apps — LIMU Mobile
  • Best Facebook Page — LIMU Facebook
  • Website Design — LIMU Corporate Website

The Telly Awards

“The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs.”

Awards Won:

  • Campaign – LIMU LEAN Success Story Videos
  • Promotional/Branding — LIMU 100K Reward Trip Video
  • Recruitment — LIMU is About Changing Lives Video
  • Training — LIMU Getting Started DVD

Creativity International Awards

“Creativity International Awards is one of the longest running INDEPENDENT international advertising and graphic design competitions.”

Awards Won:

  • Packaging Design — Fast Track Pack
  • Packaging Design — BLU FROG 2 Can
  • Packaging Design — LIMU BMW CLUB Kit
  • Website Design — LIMU Corporate Website
  • Training Video — LIMU Getting Started DVD
  • Business Apps — LIMU Mobile
  • Video — LIMU BMW CLUB
  • Video — LIMU 100K Atlantis Reward Trip

Summit International Awards

“The SIA is the oldest and most prestigious organization that administers an advertising award exclusively for firms with limited billings.”

Awards Won:

  • Corporate Identity — YoPros Logo
  • Packaging — LIMU BMW CLUB Kit
  • Packaging Series — LIMU LEAN System
  • Packaging — LIMU Getting Started DVD
  • Websites – LIMU Corporate Website
  • Industry App – LIMU Mobile
  • Industry Websites – YoPros.com

The Communicator Awards

“The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications.”

Awards Won:

  • Promotional Kit — LIMU BMW CLUB Kit
  • Training Video — LIMU Getting Started DVD
  • Magazine Cover Design — Success from Home Magazine, LIMU Edition, October 2013
  • Corporate Identity — YoPros Logo
  • Corporate Identity — LIMU LIVE! Logo
  • Corporate Identity — The LIMU Experience Logo
  • Corporate Identity — LIMU Be more Logo
  • Branded Content — LIMU 100K Reward Trip
  • Branded Content — LIMU BMW CLUB
  • Mobile Apps — LIMU Mobile
  • Websites — LIMU Corporate Website
  • Corporate Identity — LIMU LEAN Packaging
  • Magazine — Success from Home Magazine, LIMU Edition, October 2013
  • Magazine — DSN LIMU Reprint
  • Online Advertising & Marketing — LIMU Instagram
  • Game or Application — LIMU Post Facebook App

Hermes Creative Awards

“Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials and programs, and emerging technologies.”

Awards Won:

  • Video — An Experience Like No Other
  • Video — LIMU BMW CLUB
  • Mobile App — LIMU Mobile
  • Motion Graphics — 2014 LIMU International Convention Opener
  • Video — At LIMU, ANYone Can Win
  • Design — LIMU LIVE!Logo
  • Social Media — LIMU Post Facebook App

AVA Digital Awards

“AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication.”

Awards Won:

  • Video for Web — LIMU BMW CLUB
  • Social Media Site — LIMU Facebook
  • Mobile App — LIMU Mobile
  • Social Media Site — LIMU Social Media Branding
  • Training Video — LIMU Getting Started DVD
  • Web Design — LIMU Corporate Site Graphics
  • Video Production/Recruitment — #YoPros vs. 9-to-5
  • Video Production/ Recruitment — Text Invite: Linsey Toole
  • Website/Informational — YoPros.com
  • Social Media Site/Brand Identity — LIMU Instagram
  • Video Production/Marketing — #BLU2 Launch
  • Mobile Web/App for Business — LIMU Mobile
  • Video Production/Special Event — 100K Reward Trip
  • Video Production/Company Overview — An Experience Like No Other
  • Video Production/Marketing — LIMU Lean Success Story
  • Social Media Site/Facebook Overall — LIMU Facebook
  • Social Media Site/Twitter Overall — LIMU Twitter
  • Video Production/Marketing — LIMU BMW Club - Let's Roll
  • Video Production/Recruitment — LIMU is About Changing Lives

Graphic Design USA

“The goal of these competitions is to focus attention on areas of growth and opportunity for graphic design professionals, to recognize the best work being done in those arenas, and to emphasize the value that graphic design brings to business and society.”

Awards Won:

  • Brochures — Fast Track Pack Brochures
  • Packaging — LIMU BMW CLUB Kit
  • Packaging — Getting Started Kit
  • Packaging — LIMU LEAN System
  • Packaging — BLU FROG 2
  • Logos — #BYOB
  • Internet Design — LIMU Corporate Website
  • Invitations/Greeting Cards — LIMU 100K Reward Trip Invitation
  • Internet Design — LIMU YoPros Website
  • Signs — LIMU LIVE! Registration Signage
  • Signs — LIMU Gear Signage
  • Environmental Graphics — 2014 LIMU International Convention
  • Packaging — BLU FROG 2


The LIMU Executive team all has one thing in common — they all found success in the direct sales industry before coming to LIMU. With a variety of experience-based successes to their names, LIMU’s leadership brings their decades of combined experience to lead LIMU into the future.

  • gary

    Gary J. Raser

    Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer

    Gary is a visionary. He saw the power of a little known seaweed when no one else did. He went on to create the LIMU Experience from the ground up so you could experience all the benefits that LIMU has to offer. He turned a dream into a reality for Promoters around the world to benefit from today.

  • Greg

    Greg Bennett

    Co-Founder (Retired)

    Working in close concert with CEO Gary J. Raser, Greg has been the technology mastermind behind the infrastructure created for LIMU from its inception. Managing and maintaining our world-class business systems, Greg has used his several decades of successful industry experience to assure that every aspect of the LIMU business runs smoothly. Building the systems that support the LIMU Experience has been not just his job, but his passion.

  • lance

    Lance Reese

    Chief Operating Officer

    With over 20 years of executive leadership success with companies up to $1B in size, Lance directs many of the most important functions at LIMU, including marketing and business development, technology and R&D, creative services and HR, and operations and customer service. His broad expertise in building effective teams creates an extremely powerful platform for LIMU’s high-growth environment.

  • exec_ryan_barson

    Ryan Barson

    Senior Vice President

    Ryan brings unique perspective to accelerating the LIMU business both domestically and around the world. Working closely with our Promoters and top LIMU Leaders, Ryan is the point person for generating new business, and his hands-on experience in opening over 60 countries in previous roles is perfectly suited for LIMU’s global plans.

  • mary

    Mary Baxley

    Vice President, Finance

    A third generation CPA, Mary brings 33 years of professional accounting proficiency to LIMU’s executive team. With decades spent in both public and private accounting, Mary oversees the financial integrity and health of the LIMU business that assures profitability and stability are maintained for the long-term benefit of every Promoter. You can thank her for those timely commission checks!

  • justo

    Justo Nunez

    Vice President, Marketing

    With over 37 years of marketing experience, Justo brings significant expertise to his role of helping create and manage the LIMU brand. Directing a dedicated team of young professionals in design, multimedia and communication groups, Justo helps build and brand the LIMU Experience to create significant momentum for our Promoters by standing out amongst the clutter and digital noise.



From its very first days, LIMU has been committed to helping not just our Promoters, but also the community around us. Upon creating success in his own life, Gary established our LIMU GIVES charitable initiative in an effort to more directly serve those in need, offering the less fortunate a hand up rather than a handout. LIMU GIVES donates a significant portion of its profits to support a wide variety of non-profit organizations that focus primarily on helping children and families. In addition, LIMU staff members dedicate time and talent to service days and other events with many of our charitable partners throughout the year.


  • Orlando Union Rescue Mission

  • Ronald McDonald House

  • Halifax Urban Ministries

  • Meals on Wheels

  • Children’s Home Society

  • Honor Flight

  • Central Baptist Church Youth Camp

  • St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital

  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

  • Turn the Corner

  • Second Harvest Food Bank

  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


Hit us up. Drop a line.

LIMU Corporate:

The LIMU Company, LLC.

610 Crescent Executive Court, Suite 110
Lake Mary, Florida 32746


Sales & Service:

9AM – 9PM (EST)
Email: info@thelimucompany.com
Phone: 888-8MY-LIMU


Media Contact:

Justo Nunez
VP of Marketing



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